FRAMily 2018

The 12th FRAMily meeting/workshop,June 11th - 13th 2018

Cardiff University , Wales


12th Workshop on the

Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM)


We are happy to announce that the 12th International Workshop on the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) will be hosted by Cardiff University ( ) on June 11-13, 2018 in Cardiff, UK. The workshop will begin with an optional half-day FRAM tutorial on June 11, and continue with two full days of meetings and discussions on June 12 & 13.


On the Thursday and Friday following the FRAMily meeting, an International Workshop on “Safety-II in Practice” will take place at the same venue. Please refer to the separate call for that event at


Aim of the workshop


The aim of the workshop, affectionately referred to as the FRAMily meeting, is to share experiences from research and practice using the FRAM for systems modelling, event and safety analyses, design, or similar applications. Users are encouraged to share their experiences ofstrengths and weaknesses of the method, and to provide ideas for further developments.




The workshop is open to everyone regardless of their level of experience with the FRAM; the topics of the workshop will address the uses of the FRAM in a variety of fields. Previous workshops have featured the FRAM in safety investigations, risk analyses, work studies, performance management, planning, and design in different industries as well as academia.


Participating in the workshop will provide you with an opportunity to:


•Discuss and exchange experiences on the use of the FRAM for modelling and analysing socio-technical systems.

•Receive support on your FRAM applications and industry projects.

•Learn about the latest developments and application areas of the FRAM, including the FMV (FRAM Model Visualiser).

•Get a broader perspective on the potential of the FRAM for other applications.


Discussion topics, presentations and papers


Participants are encouraged – and expected – to contribute actively to the workshop.


The Program can be found here


Registration now closed




Practical Information


News about the workshop will be distributed to the FRAMily group at LinkedIn. This will also be the basis for discussions and preparations of sessions. The FRAM-website ( will be updated regularly and provide the necessary information and practical links for the workshop.


Travel Details are attached here


Venue map here


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Venue & Accommodation

School of Engineering,

Cardiff University,

Newport Road,

Cardiff CA


Scientific Organising Committee

Erik Hollnagel

David Slater

Jeanette Hounsgaard

Pedro Ferreira


Local Organising Committee

David Slater

Nippin Anand

Phil Bowen

Alastair Ross


Questions, suggestions and ideas

For further questions, suggestions and ideas do not hesitate to contact the scientific organising committee through:


We are looking forward to welcome you in Cardiff!





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