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FRAM Model Animation

In 2012, I received some interesting correspondence from Simon Albery and David Borys who then both were at the University of Ballarat, in Australia. Simon had though of a way visually to animate FRAM functions and their couplings using Finite Element Analysis (FEM). As an illustration of that, a simple FRAM model was developed of the disaster at Fukushima-Daichi in 2011. Here is how it looks.

Continuing this work, Simon later proposed that the analogy between FRAM functions and explicit spring-mass models could be replaced by an analogy with wave propagation, using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) instead of FEM. A description of the ideas can be found here, and the result can be seen here.

Since then, the FRAM Model Visualiser (FMV) has become available. This software tool 'only' provides a static image of a FRAM model, but since the data format is well-defined, it may well be feasible to use that as the basis for different ways of animating the model and producing dynamic visualisations. The sky is the limit!

The examples are provided with the kind permission of Simon Albery. Please get in touch with him if you want to explore the details further.

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