the Functional RESONANCE

Presentation Materials


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Day 1
Presenter Title
Naruki Yasue,
Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga
System analysis and improvement methodology with Work Domain Analysis and Functional Resonance Analysis Method, a win-win combination
Josué E. Maia França Attending the requirements of the O&G Regulator in Brazil: use of FRAM for human factors analysis and accident investigation
Terutoshi Tomotoki Near miss analysis of falls from scaffolding in the construction industry using FRAM
Tanner Lund Functional Dynamics of Sociotechnical Software Systems
Tomoko Kaneko Thinking from Incidents - Security Resilience

Day 2
Presenter Title
Kazue Nakajima Need for graceful extensibility of the adaptive capacity: a lesson from a FRAM analysis of the fatal medication adverse event focusing on ETTOing
Mariam Safi,
Robyn Clay-Williams,
Tine Grau,
Frans Brandt,
Bettina Ravnborg Thude
FRAM and LEAN as tools for describing and improving the referral process between outpatient clinics in a Danish Hospital: complementary or conflicting?
Josué E. Maia França Learning from the field: using FRAM to analyse the geologist's works in Brazil, Argentina and South Africa outcrops
I Gde Manik Sukanegara Adhita Ship Navigation from the concept of Safety-II: The Flexibility and Adaptability of Ship Officer.
Takayuki Hirose,
Hideki Nomoto,
Shota Iino,
Yasutaka Michiura
Functional Analysis of Safe-Ship Operations: Envisioning Success Factors of Great Captains

Day 3
Presenter Title
David Slater,
Rees Hill
On the Emerging Status of FRAM Functions
Wulin Tian,
Carlo Caponecchia
Understanding human factors variabilities through the lens of FRAM: a FRAM-based human factors taxonomy
Doug Smith Dynamic FRAM modelling
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Tomohiro Oda,
Shigeru Kusakabe
FRAM to Contextualise Specifications of Software Systems
Ronaldo Gamermann Natural Language Processing for text similarity in Aviation Safety Reports
Hideki Nomoto,
David Slater,
Takayuki Hirose,
Shota Iino
Shota Iino,
Hideki Nomoto,
Takayuki Hirose,
Yasutaka Michiura
Explainable symptom detection in telemetry of ISS with FRAM, Random Forest and SpecTRM