The 12th FRAMily meeting/workshop,June 11th - 13th 2018

Cardiff University , Wales


12th Workshop on the

Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM)



(If the Author(s) is (are) not highlighted, they have not yet provided a copy for the record)


1. D. McNab et al. - Participatory design of a complex improvement intervention for the primary care management of Sepsis using the Functional Resonance Analysis Method

2. Nippin Anand, David Slater - Writing Better Procedures using FRAM


3. Yasutaka Michiura - FRAM analysis on two spacecraft accidents


4. Axel Ros, Erik Hollnagel - The use of FRAM in a government investigation in health care in Sweden.


5. Jeanette Hounsgaard - Understanding and using the ETTO principle in modelling with FRAM


6. Nikki Damen - Preoperative anticoagulation management in everyday clinical practice


7. Toshinori Omura et al. - FRAM model for driving a car


8. Josue Franca et al. - A Resilience Engineering Approach for Sustainable Safety in Green Construction


9. Takayuki Hirose, Tetsuo Sawaragi, Yukio Hiroguchi - Numerical Safety Analysis of Complex Supply-Chain Systems Integrating Functional Resonance Analysis Method and Cellular Automaton


10. Doug Smith - A method for visualizing functional dynamics and operational scenarios


11. Jan Magott, Jacek Skorupski - Quantification of FRAM models using Coloured Petri Nets


12. Yuranan Kitrungrotsakul - Weight Function Model for Quantitative Analysis of Functional Resonance Analysis Method


13. Yoshinari Toda - FRAM/STPA: A hazard analysis method for FRAM mode


14. Keita Sakemi et al. - Clarification of Design Philosophy for Railway Crossing System Based on FRAM


15. Tenna Bloch Olesen - Using FRAM to get insight in the medication reconciliation workflow for patients being when discharged


16. María del Carmen Pardo-Ferreira, Juan Carlos Rubio-Romero - Applying FRAM to the construction of concrete structures


17. Sira Skibsholt - Using FRAM to identify possible interventions for improving patient safety


18. Liz Buikstra - Using FRAM to analyse Medication Administration Incidents


19. Al Ross - Trade-offs in connecting people to FRAM


20. Mikkel Ussing, Bettina Ravnborg Thude - Systematic training programme in the use of FRAM


21. Hideki Nomoto, David Slater - Decision making under Uncertainty – It’s all in the Functions of the Mind!


22. Shigeru Kusakabe - Analysing Resonance of Motivation in Software Development Process Training by Using FRAM


23. Riccardo Patriarca - `myFRAM: An Open Tool Support for the FRAM



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