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The FRAM Sandbox Facility

Extending the capabilities of the FMV

There is an increasing interest in utilising the FRAM approach for the analysis of what exactly is going on in complex sociotechnical systems in practical high hazard environments. There are, for example, a number of ongoing projects at the moment in aviation, self-driving vehicles and, of course, on the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic for healthcare responses. But as well as these practical applications there is an increasing interest from the academic community, in extending and developing further, the underpinning concepts, as shown in the recent review (below)

FRAM Centres of Excellence



Centre for Quality is a public development and research unit, situated in Middelfart, Denmark. The development and research activities we focus on are Quality and patient safety in Health Care.

The main activities involving FRAM are:-

•Testing the application of FRAM

In the period from March 2012 to march 2017 the Centre has been involved in testing the application of FRAM in more than 30 different clinical setting. FRAM has been used to analyze patient safety incidents, suicides and the use of force in Psychiatry, improvement project, qualification of standard operational procedures and instructions prior to implementation and to support implementation of complex interventions

•Training courses using FRAM

Since 2013, the Centre has offered two yearly training courses in FRAM. By end of 2016, 110 persons mainly from Denmark, have been trained to use FRAM.

In the Region of Southern Denmark all five hospital units, including Psychiatry, are using FRAM in the improvement work, specially problems arising across sectors and department

•Guidance handbook for the application of FRAM

In 2013, the Centre prepared a guiding handbook for the practical use of FRAM. The handbook was a part of the training course material and written in Danish. In 2014, the Centre translated the  handbook into English and an additional chapter about the use of the FRAM Model Visualizer was added

•Facilitating of FRAM analyses

The Center facilitates and supports the practical use of FRAM in both Research and Improvement Projects, not only in Denmark but also in other countries


Erik Hollnagel, in his own right and also the Centre produces various publications on FRAM, These publications are all referred to or available at the FRAMily Homepage: www.functionalresonance.com

Contactpersons: Professor Erik Hollnagel and Deputy Manager Jeanette Hounsgaard

E-mail: jeanette.hounsgaard@rsyd.dk

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