FRAMily 2019

The 13th FRAMily meeting/workshop,May 27th - 29th 2019

Malaga, Spain

The 13th International Workshop on the Functional Resonance Analysis Method (FRAM) was hosted by Universidad de Málaga May 27-29, 2019 in Málaga, Spain. The workshop began with an optional half-day FRAM tutorial on May 27, and continued with two full days of meetings and discussions on May 28 & 29.

On the Thursday and Friday preceding the FRAMily meeting, an International Workshop on “Safety-II in Practice” took place in Lisbon. Please refer to the separate call for that event at

Aim of the workshop

The aim of these workshops, affectionately referred to as the FRAMily meetings, is to share experiences from research and practice using the FRAM for systems modelling, event and safety analyses, design, or similar applications. Users are encouraged to share their experiences of strength and weaknesses of the method and to provide ideas for further developments.


The workshop was open to everyone regardless of their level of experience with the FRAM; the topics of the workshop addressed the uses of the FRAM in a variety of fields. As with previous workshops, this one featured the FRAM in safety investigations, risk analyses, work studies, performance management, planning, and design in different industries as well as academia.

Participating in these workshops provides an opportunity to:

•Discuss and exchange experiences on the use of the FRAM for modelling and analysing socio-technical systems.

•Receive support on individual FRAM applications and industry projects.

•Learn about the latest developments and application areas of the FRAM, including the FMV (FRAM Model Visualiser).

•Get a broader perspective on the potential of the FRAM for other applications.

Discussion topics, presentations and papers

Scientific Organising Committee

Erik Hollnagel

David Slater

Jeanette Hounsgaard

Pedro Ferreira

Local Organising Committee

Juan Carlos Rubio Romero

María del Carmen Pardo Ferreira

Manuel Suárez Cebador

Antonio López Arquillos

María Martínez Rojas

Francisco Salguero Caparrós

Juan Antonio Torrecilla García

The Final Program is available here

The Presentations are available on the links below

Tutorial Sessions - Professor Erik Hollnagel

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Workshop Session 1 - Healthcare (Erik Hollnagel Chair)

Ralph Mackinnon

Bernadette Schutijser

Patricia Wimmer

Al Ross

Session 2 - Alternative uses of FRAM (David Slater Chair)

Professor Shigeru Kusakabe

Takayuki Hirose

Enrique Ruiz Zuniga

Session 3 - FRAM Software Developments( Erik Hollnagel Chair)

Riccardo Patriarca

Erik Hollnagel


Rees Hill

Session 4 - Applications of FRAM Part 1 (Al Ross Chair)

Toni Wafler

Carmen Pardo-Ferreira


Josue Eduardo Maia Franca

Session 5 - Part 2 - (Juan Carlos Rubio-Romero Chair)

Niklas Grabbe

Pedro Ferreira


Jesus Ariza

Session 6 - Part 3 - (Pedro Ferreira Chair)

Paulo Victor de Cavalho

Hideki Nomoto

Moacyr Cardoso Junior


Paulo Victor de Cavalho