FRAMily 2017

The 11th FRAMily meeting/workshop,May 24 - 26 2017

University of Rome, Italy


The programme for the 2017 FRAMily meeting is here.


Manuela Vieli Swiss Federal Railways

Rogier Woltjer Swedish Defence Research Agency FOI

Ivonne Andrade Herrera SINTEF/NTNU

Hideki Nomoto JAMSS

Pedro Ferreira Universidad de Granada

Jose Juan Canas Universidad de Granada

Jeanette Hounsgaard Centre of Quality Region Syddanmark

Arie Adriaensen Lund University

Johan Bergstrom Lund University

Miha Pielick Slovenia Control

Shigeru Kusakabe University of Nagasaki

Doug Smith Memorial University of Newfoundland

Abdullah Abalkhi Delft University

Cristina Martelli University of Florence

Maria Flora Salvatori University of Florence

Michele Buonsanti University of Reggio Calabria

Federico Terenzi HUMANA Consulting

Annamaria Ciccarelli CAL srl Servizi Logistici

David Slater Cardiff University

Guillermo Gomez Garay FORCE Technology

John Hutchins STC-Group

Giulio Di Gravio Sapienza University of Rome

Francesco Costantino Sapienza University of Rome

Riccardo Patriarca Sapienza University of Rome

Massimo Tronci Sapienza University of Rome

Maeve O'Loughlin Middlesex University

Giusy Sciacca ANACNA

Keita Sakemi JAMSS

Ichiro Okabe Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yasutaka Michiura JAMSS

Lacey Colligan Sharp End Advisory; LLC

Giuseppe Fauci Aeronautica Militare

Marco Moesker NIVEL (Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research)

Stefano Piccoli RAMS&E

Ray Reagan Airborne AS

Erik Hollnagel Centre of Quality Region Syddanmark

Gianluca Del Pinto ANACNA

Mario Leone-

Emanuele Bellini University of Florence

Luca Leone-

Romano Luisoni PwC

Andrea Falegnami Sapienza University of Rome

Filippo De Carlo University of Florence

Ahmad Bahoo Toroody University of Florence

Natalia Trapani Università degli Studi di Catania

Andrea Ferracuti Sapienza University of Rome

Eleonora Cartoni Sapienza University of Rome

Tommaso Giovannelli Sapienza University of Rome

Camilla Bianco Sapienza University of Rome

Anna Lisa Demofont Sapienza University of Rome

Giulia Reggiani Sapienza University of Rome

Ruggiero Seccia Sapienza University of Rome

Dylan Di Biase Sapienza University of Rome

Arianna Aversano Sapienza University of Rome

Anna Livia Croella Sapienza University of Rome

Federico Zomparelli University of Cassino and Southern Latium



The presentations from the tutorial were: Understanding how things happen, The four principles of FRAM,First steps of FRAM.

Workshop presentations

Hideki Nomoto: FRAM analysis of walking in Tokyo

Abdullah Abalkhili; Modelling Nuclear Safety: A Sociotechnical Systems Approach

Cristina Martelli: Using FRAM to reduce skill mismatch: an application to public employment offices guidelines

Jeranette Hounsgaard: Five years of applying FRAM in Danish Healthcare settings

Manuela Vieli: Effect of standardisation on the partial process of wheelset exchange in a repair centre of Swiss Federal Raiways

Roger Woltjer: Functional Modelling ofthe expected and actual impact of resilience guidelines on European critical infrastructure crisis management - added vaslue of functional modelling for crisis mamgement

Pedro Ferreira:Understanding the impacts of enhanced automation in future ATM performance

Shigeru Kusakabe: Analysing software development process using FRAM: Case Study of personal level software process

Jeanette Hounsgaard: FRAM supporting the implementation of a patient responsible consultant

Miha Pielick: Automation of the FRAM method for the purpose of Hazard Analysis

Doug Smith:Applying and visualising the FRAM for Arctic ship navigation

Riccardo Patriarca: A multi- layer FRAM: the Abstraction/ Agency framework for modelling complex sociotechnical systems.

Arie Adriaensen:Functional Analysis of a Joint Cognitive System: Agent and Inter Agent Transformation Flow, a case study in a Cockpit Environment

David Slater (submitted for Group Discussion): FRAM Model Visualiser - Where Next?

The Abstracts can be found here

Group discussions