The FRAM Model Visualiser

FRAM Model Visualiser (FMV)

Model Building and Visualisation

It was clear from the very beginning that it would be very useful to have a software tool that could be used to build a model and also automatically could create a graphical representation of a FRAM model. After several attempts this tool is now available. It is called the FRAM Model Visualiser (FMV), available here:

The FMV allows a user to build and edit a FRAM model and to visualise it. The FMV runs as a web application in any modern web browser on any operating system. It has been most extensively tested (and therefore has the most predictable behaviour) using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

The program is free software under a General Public License and the source code is available on GitHub: FMV - FRAM Model Visualiser (

The GitHub repository includes a Wiki with documentation including:

And other help topics and links.

A handbook that uses examples taken from health care can be found here.

Users are encouraged to use the GitHub repository to raise Issues, such as bug reports and feature requests, and to contribute to discussions to engage with the future development of the software.

If you are an extensive or corporate user of the software, we encourage you to explore the sponsorship options on the GitHub site to support the ongoing maintenance and development of the software while keeping the results open source and available to the wider community.

For those continuing to use the previous desktop versions of the software, the user manual is available here: FMV_instructions_2.1.4 

The FMV has been developed and written by Rees Hill ( The FRAMily gratefully acknowledges this significant contribution.