Extending the capabilities of the FMV

There is an increasing interest in utilising the FRAM approach for the analysis of what exactly is going on in complex sociotechnical systems in practical high hazard environments. There are, for example, a number of ongoing projects at the moment in aviation, self-driving vehicles and, of course, on the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic for healthcare responses. But as well as these practical applications there is an increasing interest from the academic community, in extending and developing further, the underpinning concepts, as shown in the recent review (below)


Model Building and Visualisation

There is currently a lot of interest in extending the range and power of the software tools available to support FRAM analyses. The latest contribution, from Riccardo Patriarca is essentially a very useful preprocessor for the FMV. The output from the tool is in the form of the output of FMV - xml and hence is available for a range of post processing applications being suggested, including Monte Carlo simulation of variability and resonance identification (Riccardo Patriarca), Bayesian Belief Net software to enable quantitative probabilities of output success to be assigned (David Slater) and dynamic synchronised simulation (Doug Smith).

myFRAM is thus an open tool to support the applicability of the FRAM (Functional Resonance Analysis Method) for socio-technical system analysis, in line with the principles of Resilience Engineering. myFRAM was officially released during the 12th FRAMily meeting and workshop - Cardiff (11-13 June 2018).

myFRAM has been developed by the “Industrial System Engineering” research group at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) – Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. More specifically, myFRAM research project has been coordinated by Riccardo Patriarca, supported by Francesco Costantino and Giulio Di Gravio. More information about the tool, contacts, as well as a link to download myFRAM and myFRAM User Guide is available at this link:

The User manual can be downloaded here.

The FRAM Sandbox Facility

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