FRAMily 2023

The 15th FRAMily meeting/workshop,

June 20th - 22nd 2023

Copenhagen Denmark

15th FRAMily meeting Copenhagen

20th, 21st, and 22nd June 2023

Aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop, affectionately referred to as the FRAMily meeting, is to share experiences from research and practice using the FRAM to analyse activities - how something has happened, how something happens, or how something could happen. Users are encouraged to share their experiences of from using the method, its strengths and weaknesses, and to provide ideas for further developments and enhancements. The workshop is sponsored by the Danish Association of Patient Safety.

Program - (Prensentations can be accessed at the bottom)



The workshop is open to everyone regardless of their level of experience with the FRAM; the topics of the workshop will address the uses of the FRAM in a variety of fields. Previous workshops have featured the FRAM in work studies, performance management, investigations, planning, and design in different industries as well as academia.

Participating in these workshops provides an opportunity to:

  • Discuss and exchange experiences on the use of the FRAM for modelling and analysing socio-technical systems.
  • Receive support on your FRAM applications and industry projects.
  • Learn about the latest developments and application areas of the FRAM, including the FMV (FRAM Model Visualiser) and the FMI (FRAM Model Interpreter).
  • Get a broader perspective on the potential of the FRAM for other applications.

Submission and Enquiries

Please use this website link - here

Important dates

*Notification of acceptance/rejection usually communicated some weeks after the submission

Discussion topics, presentations, and papers

Participants are encouraged and expected to contribute actively to the workshop. All suggestions for contribution will be considered, however we are primary looking for three types of submissions:

  • Suggestions for discussion topics (with or without a presentation);
  • Suggestions for presentations, of ongoing or already completed work in industry and/or academia (without a paper);
  • Suggestions for presentations of ongoing or already completed work in industry and/or academia (with a paper).

For each type of submission, please provide a short abstract (about 200 - 400 words) with a summary of the work you would like to present or discuss and how you see your own role in that. All abstracts will be reviewed and comments to the authors will be provided.


It is traditional in these meetings to organise an additional half day tutorial (Master class!) as a refresher or introductory session for those that are interested, to be chaired by Erik Hollnagel and given by Jeanette Hounsgaard and Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga. Places are normally limited and light lunch is included.

Scientific Organising Committee

Erik Hollnagel

Jeanette Hounsgaard

Enrique Ruiz Zuniga

David Slater

Local Organising Committee

Jeanette Hounsgard

Ditte Hartman

Bettina Ravnborg Thude

Practical Information

News about the workshop will be distributed to the FRAMily group at LinkedIn. This will also be the basis for discussions and preparations of sessions.The FRAM-website will be updated regularly and provide the necessary information and practical links for the workshop.


The workshop and the dinner will be held at Rungsted gård Hotel

The Rungsted gård Hotel is located in the northern sealand, close to the water – about 28 KM north of Copenhagen.

Rungsted Kyst train station is located about 20 minutes’ walk from Rungsted gård Hotel.

From Copenhagen airport: Go with metro to either Copenhagen Central Station or Nørreport station and change train – please consult the journey planner

From Copenhagen central station: Several options, please consult the journey planner

Public transportation - Journey planner

Please consult the Journey planner

You can buy tickets online or at the train station.

From Copenhagen Central station the train ride is app. 30 minutes to Rungsted Kyst station (you can also get the train from Nørreport station)

The ticket is app. 60 DKK

By taxi to the address: Rungsted strandvej 107, 2960 Rungsted kyst.

Phone: +45 45 86 44 22, email:

Accomodation support

Rungsted gård hotel offers a limited number of rooms. They can be booked 30 days prior to arrival and the reservation can be cancelled free of charge 5 days prior to arrival.

Booking link:

There are more possibilities in the center of Copenhagen with easy access by public transportation:

Scandic Hotel, Nørreport – standard room app. 1600 DKK per night.

Located next to Nørreport train and metro station and the heart of Copenhagen.

There’s several other Scandic Hotels in Copenhagen

Imperial Hotel – standard room app. 1400 DKK per night.

Located very close to Copenhagen Central station and Tivoli Gardens.

Wakeup Copenhagen – standard room app. 750 DKK pr. Night.

Different locations:

  • Wakeup Copenhagen, Bernstoffgade is located close to Copenhagen central station, Tivoli and the waterfront.
  • Wakeup Copenhagen, Borgergade is in the city centre close to Nyhavn and metro.
  • Wakeup Copenhagen, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade is located close to Tivoli, Copenhagen Central station, and the harbour front area.

The venue is located in beautiful surroundings.

The venue is a neighbour to the museum Rungsted Lund, where Karen Blixen was born and lived the last years of her life. Karen Blixen Museum


Registration will be through the Eventbrite website, details here

Presentation Materials FRAMily 2023

Slides of the presentations in PDF can be accessed under the tittle links. Those not available yet hopefully coming soon.

- Alexis McGill - Mapping the Way: Functional Modelling for Integrated Community Based Care for Older People

- Arie Andriaensen - FRAM and AI by applying an Interdependence Analysis to an AI example

- Bettina Ravnborg Thude, Jeanette Hounsgaard - FRAM from the perspective of a patient

- David Slater - Propagation of variability in using FRAM to Model Complex Sociotechnical Systems

- Doug Smith - Dynamic FRAM modelling: a step towards sorting through complexity

- Hideki Nomoto - Machine Learning for FRAM

- Jeanette Hounsgaard, Bettina Ravnborg Thude - Routine FRAM applications in Denmark

- Josué E. Maia França - Studying the recovery actions of Apollo 13, US Airways 1549 and San José Mine accidents with FRAM – discovering the human competencies behind system resilience

- Michael Behm - Lessons Learned from Operationalizing Safety-II, specifically FRAM, in a Graduate Occupational Safety Program

- Naruki Yasue, Tetsuo Sawaragi - Analyzing Adaptive Expertise in Manufacturing
Using FRAM

- Niklas Grabbe, Arifagic, A., Bengler, K. - Assessing the reliability and validity of an FRAM model: the case of driving in an overtaking scenario

- Ralph Mackinnon, Rees Hill, Nomoto Hideki, David Slater - Using FRAM for Hospital Bed Allocations

- Ronaldo Gamermann - Systems Thinking in the context of a Civil Aviation Authority: challenges and opportunities

- Shota Iino, Hideki Nomoto, Takayuki Hirose, Yasutaka Michiura - Revealing success factors of cooperative operations in space manned missions: crucial factors in Apollo 13 mission

Stephane DeWolf - Sherpas wanted: ICAO explores novel approaches to safety management

- Takayuki Hirose, Hideki Nomoto, Yasutaka Michiura, Shota Iino - To Restrict or Tolerate Variety of Systems: Functional Analysis of Law of Requisite Variety Based on FRAM

- Thomas Mühlbradt - FRAM from the viewpoint of qualitative methodology: toeholds for future development?

Registration deadline

11th June 2023

Abstract submission deadline

31st May 2023

Notification of

acceptance/rejection deadline

11th June 2023*


20th June 2023


21st and 22nd June 2023

Workshop dinner

21st June 2023