FRAMily 2016

The 10th FRAMily meeting/workshop, June 1-3 2016

University of Lisbon, Portugal


The programme for the 2016 FRAMily meeting is here.


Alastair Ross, Lecturer, University of Glasgow

Anabela Simões, Professor, Universidade Lusófona

Ângelo Teixeira, Professor, CENTEC

Arie Adriaensen, Safety researcher, Safety consultant

Bart Accou, Head of Methods and safety manag., Infrabel

Benedicte Schou, Risk Manager, Mental Health services - Capital region, Denmark

Carlos Guedes Soares, Professor, CENTEC

Christian Beckert, Captain, German Air Line Pilots' Association

Cristina Martelli, Associate professor, Department of Statistics, UniFi

David Slater, Professor, Cardiff University

Dominic Furniss, Senior research associate, University College London

Doug Smith, PhD Student, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Duncan McNab, Associate adviser in patient safety and quality improvement, NHS education for Scotland

Erik Hollnagel, Professor, Centre for Quality - University of Southern Denmark

Fernando Santos, CENTEC

Flora Salvatori, Research fellow, Department of Statistics, UniFi

François Laporte, Conceiller, Infrabel

Georg Effenberger, Head of Prevention Department, Austrian Workers´ Compensation Board

Gianluca Del pinto, Air traffic controller, ANACNA

Heinrich Kuhn, Professor, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Ivonne Herrera, Adjunct Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Jaap Hamming, Prof. Of surgery, Leiden University - Medical Centre

Jan van Schaik, Vascular Surgeon, Leiden University - Medical Centre

Jeanette Hounsgaard, Deputy Manager, Centre for Quality - University of Southern Denmark

Joana da Guia, CENTEC

Karen Ørnebjerg, Risk Manager, Mental Health services - Capital region, Denmark

Marcus Arenius, Research Fellow, University of Kassel

Maria André, Técnica Superior, GPIAA – Gabinete de Prevenção e Investigação de Acidentes com Aeronaves

Marit de Vos, PhD researcher, Leiden University - Medical Centre

Nicolas Wertz, Ingenieur FOH, Infrabel

Nippin Anand, Principal Specialist Safety Man. Sys., DNV-GL

Pedro Ferreira, CENTEC Tecnico

Ray Master, Director Loss prevention/safety consultant, Construction risk partners

Riccardo Patriarca, PhD Stud. (MSc Aeronautical Engineering), University of Rome

Roberto Gnesotto, MD, MPH, MSc ,Doctors with Africa/Cuamm

Romano Luisoni, Risk Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland

Simon Albery, Safety Innovation Leader, THIESS

Vivek Menon, Maritime Health & Safety consultant, SeaHealth



The presentations from the tutorial were: Understanding how things happen, The four principles of FRAM, First steps of FRAM.

Workshop presentations

Jeanette Hounsgaard: FRAM and implementation of Safeward

Nippin Anand: Boxing and dancing - The challenges of enforcement in global shipping

Doug Smith: Experiences using FRAM in engineering and the maritime domain

Gianluca Del Pinto: FRAM model applied to the Aerodrome Air Traffic Control to manage the variability in regard of runway incursion

Simon Albery: The visualisation of FRAM

Dominic Furniss: Using FRAM beyond safety: A case study to explore how sociotechnical systems can flourish or stall

Benedicte Schou: Use of the FRAM as Accident Analysis tool in Risk Management

Marcus Arenius: From quantitative to qualitative: Transforming quantitative data regarding the distribution of visual attention into a representation compatible with FRAM

Riccardo Patriarca: Monte Carlo simulation to assess performance variability in the FRAM

Cristina Martelli: FRAM visualizer and relational databases integrated approach: potentialities and perspectives

David Slater (submitted after FRAMily meeting): FRAM as a "front end" to quantification and dynamic simulation

Erik Hollnagel: The way ahead: FMV and FMI

Group discussions

A proposal from Nicolas Wertz.

A View of the Key (Unique) current Advantages and achievable Advances of the FRAM methodology, highlighted in FRAMILY 2016 by David Slater.