To facilitate the support activities, we have set up a not for profit organisation, chaired by Erik Hollnagel, to manage the administration and coordination of these various initiatives, such as :-

Meetings, Seminars, lectures, courses

Manuals, Handbooks, support materials and other publications,

Provision of accessible software tools, their support and further development.

Facilitating funding applications and taking the administrtaion/project management chores from applicants.

Crowdfunding particular support activities including specialit sofware

Until now these activities have been provided voluntarily by kind/keen afficionados.

We are trying to keep it this way, for example the FMV software tool will continue to be made freely available from this website, but we need to protect the integrity of these applications and discourage hostile commercial exploitation of the FRAMily activities

FRAMsynt has thus been set up to retain the IP rights and copyright assignments of software and materials we produce and distribute.

In the following pages we set out the current contributions we can make:-