FRAMily Meetings

FRAMily meetings/workshops

There have been a number of workshops about the FRAM. These have been held annually, usually in the spring or early summer. The meetings have been held in the following places:

2007 – Sophia Antipolis (France)

2008 – Sophia Antipolis (France)

2009 – Sophia Antipolis (France)

2010 – Sophia Antipolis (France)

2011 – Sophia Antipolis (France)

2012 – Middelfart (Denmark)

2013 – Munich (Germany)

2014 – Gothenburg (Sweden)

2015 – Olden (Switzerland)

2016 – Lisbon (Portugal)

2017 – Rome (Italy)

2018 – Cardiff (Wales)

2019 - Malaga (Spain)

In 2020 and 2021 the meeting was due to be held in Kyoto (Japan), but it was postponed because of COVID.

2022 - Kyoto (Japan)

2023 - Copenhagen (Denmark)

The meetings have always been informal. This has made the meetings themselves very interesting but has also meant that there has been no systematic documentation from them, other than a compilation of presentation materials that were sent to the participants afterwards.

Basic information about previous workshops can be found by selecting a workshop year on the left.