Extending the capabilities of the FMV

There is an increasing interest in utilising the FRAM approach for the analysis of what exactly is going on in complex sociotechnical systems in practical high hazard environments. There are, for example, a number of ongoing projects at the moment in aviation, self-driving vehicles and, of course, on the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic for healthcare responses. But as well as these practical applications there is an increasing interest from the academic community, in extending and developing further, the underpinning concepts, as shown in the recent review (below)

The FRAMily

What is the FRAMily?

The FRAMily is the nickname for the loosely connected group of people who over the years have shown an interest in – or been curious about – the FRAM. Many of the FRAMily members have faithfully taken part in the FRAM workshops.

The youngest member of the FRAMily - so far - can be seen here.

What should you do if you want to join the FRAMily?

At the time of writing, the FRAMily has been registered as a LinkedIn Group. You can find it at

If you want to join, you will have to register via LinkedIn. There are no fees and no obligations – except showing a modicum of interest in the FRAM.

FRAMily Steering Committee

The FRAMily is essentially a group of people interested in the FRAM rather than a formal organisation. It is nevertheless practical to have some sort of governing body. To fulfil that purpose, the FRAMily has a Steering Committee consisting of:

Erik Hollnagel

David Slater

Jeanette Hounsgaard

Pedro Ferreira

You are welcome to contact any member of the Steering Committee if you have questions, concerns, or ideas that relate to the FRAM. The Steering Committeealso also supports the local Organising Committee that each years take care of the annual FRAMily meeting.

The FRAM Sandbox Facility

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